Get Strong Password - Easy-to-use strong & secure password generator


Generate random passwords that are difficult to crack but easy for you to copy and use. Choose one of predefined modes or customize your own password rules. Secure your accounts and keep all your personal and sensitive data safe.


Frequently asked questions

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Why should I use a strong password to protect my account?
Imagine your house or flat. I am convinced that you always remember to close the door when leaving to protect all your belongings. The same is with digital world. With the rising number of cyber threats, a strong and robust password acts as the first line of defense, just like a lock, in protecting your digital identity and personal or sensitive data.
How often should I change my passwords?
It depends what kind of account this password secure. For crucial accounts like banking or e-mails, it's advisable to change passwords every 3-6 months. For social accounts or other personal accounts it could be less often. What is very important - always change your password if you suspect a breach or you receive strange e-mails/messages.
What makes a password strong?
More character's types you use, the stronger the password is. A combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and adequate length (preferably 12 characters or more) makes a password robust against attacks.
Why should I use Get Strong Password?
Get Strong Password generate strong, secure, and totally random passwords at one click. You do not need to create password by your own - so the password is less biased or predictable. If you need password ASAP you can choose one of the predefined modes but if you need something else - you can craft your own password rules. Generated passwords live only at the moment you generate them, we do not log or store them - so it is 100% safe.